CARE for their Future

The Care Programme

SPCA WHANGAREI NEEDS $30,000 A MONTH to continue our vital work to save animals!

 In 2014 the Whangarei SPCA investigated 875 complaints of cruelty and attended 271 Accident and Emergencies. 2845 cats, kittens, dogs and puppies were handed into the centre.

Many of these were unwanted. As long as there is an SPCA the animals will always have someone to care what happens to them, to investigate cruelty complaints, to attend animal emergencies and house the unwanted and abandoned. However, the SPCA is a charity with no government or local council funding and we need your help to CARE FOR THEIR FUTURE. CARE is a monthly donation programme done by automatic bank payment or credit card payment. As little as $20.00 a month can help save lives. You can download a form for CARE here



One of four kittens that were found abandoned in a plastic bag. Sadly two of the kittens were in such poor condition that they died.  The other two tiny, emaciated and very dehydrated kittens, after immediate vet treatment, went to foster, and, with time and lot of love, made a good recovery and were adopted.

 Without your donations we couldn’t continue with our lifesaving work. What does the SPCA do with your donations form for download

Benefits of becoming a CARE supporter

  1. Your monthly donation will go towards helping Whangarei SPCA with their animal welfare work
  2. Membership of the Whangarei SPCA
  3. 10% discount at both Whangarei SPCA Op Shops
  4. 10% discount off all Whangarei SPCA purchases
  5. 10% of pet accessories at Pet Essentials
  6. 5% of food and grooming at Pet Essentials

 We need your help to CARE FOR THEIR FUTURE