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What you need to know

• You must have a fully fenced property or have a suitably sized fenced/contained area to stop your new dog from straying. Please note: - It is a council bylaw that your dog must be under control at all times.

• We do not rehome to chains or running wires. 

• If you are looking to adopt a puppy under 6 months one of our requirements for adoption is that you have someone in your household to be home during the day. This is so that the puppy can be fed small regular meals and receive the socializing and training they require. 

• All dogs and puppies available for adoption have been vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, de-fleaed, de-sexed, & microchipped. Their temperament and behaviour are assessed prior to adoption.

• You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt from the Whangarei SPCA.

• Whangarei SPCA reserves the right to refuse adoptions.

• If you are renting you will need written permission to have a dog from your landlord prior to the animal going home.

 How to go about the adoption process

 • Dogs and puppies available for adoption can be viewed in the Dog Adoption Unit at the Whangarei SPCA  in Kioreroa Road from 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday, 10am –  3pm Saturday & Sunday. You can also view a selection of dogs we have available online.

• If you see a dog or pup you like have a chat with one of our Dog Adoption team. They can tell you more about the animal and discuss our assessment of their temperament. They will help you select the right dog for your situation. The next step is to complete a  Dog Adoption Questionnaire

• If you already have a dog on the property the next step will be a dog meeting at the SPCA which will be arranged by the Adoption Team. If that goes well one of our Dog Team comes and does a property check. This is to ensure you have adequate fencing to contain the particular dog on your property. You do not need to be at home when they come.

• We will contact you with the decision on the property check and if approval has been given, the adoption process will continue and an appointment made to collect your new companion.

• With adoption of dogs, you need to arrange registration with your local council before the animal may be taken home.

• You will then be asked to fill in an adoption form to acknowledge your understanding of the full terms and conditions of adoption before you leave with your new canine companion. There is an adoption fee to be paid

How much will it cost

• The Whangarei SPCA doesn’t sell animals. We do, however, have an adoption fee of $200 for a male dog/pup, $250 for a female dog/pup to partially recover the costs we incur getting the dogs ready to be adopted.

• The costs of preparing an animal for adoption include veterinary checks, vaccination, microchipping and worming treatments, desexing and an apportioned share of attendants’ costs, food, other overheads and behavioual assessments.

• If you wish to give a donation to further assist us with these costs, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have you got everything you need

• Before you take your new companion home, our dog adoption staff will attend to any questions you may have. They will talk to you about what to do when you get home, feeding, any special dietary needs, training and general care.

• We have a shop at the centre where you can buy essential items: collars, leads, water and food bowls, food and  items such as grooming tools, toys and treats (including balls, chew items, etc.) that will help your dog to settle in their new home.

What to do if a problem occurs

• If you have any problems or need advice please give us a call, have a chat with one of the Dog Team. They can often help you work through any teething problems you are having.

• Should your chosen animal not be compatible with your home situation, your dog/pup needs to come back to us for rehoming. If it is outside the initial two week post adoption period a refund will not be given.

• While all care has been taken to ensure the absolute health of adopted animals, there is always the possibility of a disease in incubation that will not manifest itself until after adoption. If, within the first two weeks, an illness occurs please contact us for advice and assistance.

It is understood that adoptive parents will:
• Abide by the animal protection and welfare laws of New Zealand
• Abide by the by-laws of local councils relating to dogs, which will be supplied by your local council when registration is completed
• Provide preventative veterinary care on an ongoing basis
• Assume full responsibility for the health and well-being of their adopted animal for the duration of its life

The Whangarei SPCA reserves the right to inspect and/or remove an animal if agreed conditions are not met.

What to do after adoption

Contact the dog adoption staff if you have any concerns. We highly recommend puppy preschool (contact your local vet clinic for the next class) and dog training contact

We wish you and your chosen companion animal friend a lifetime of joy.