Lost and Found Pets

Have you lost your Pet or found a Pet?

You can use the following steps to help find your Pet or report one you have found.

List your pet on http://www.lostpet.co.nz/

Make up flyers with a picture of the pet and display at
- Vet Clinics
- Pet Shops - Put them in mailboxes in your street
- Put an advertisement in your local paper in the Lost & Found Column

Call the SPCA on 4389161 ext 3 and leave your details and the details of the animal who has been lost or found (we clear this multiple times each day so it will be seen and the details of you and the animal noted) 




LOST CAT, Grey, Female, 4 years, Not Microchipped, “Pudding”, Last seen 17/05, Kamo area, Phone Ken 0273441078 (20/05)

LOST CAT, Black/White, Shorthaired, “Mo” Definite moustache on upper lip, missing Portland since 17th, phone Liz 0274440836 (21/05)

LOST CAT, Tabby/White, Mostly White Face, Desexed Male, missing One Tree Point since 4pmon 19th, phone 0211619897 (21/05)

FOUND CAT, Tabby/Tortoiseshell/White, Female, Not Desexed, Shorthaired, with 2 kittens 1 x Grey/White, 1 x Black/White found Bahama Place, Parahaki, phone SPCA 4389161 (A39798) (21/05)

FOUND CAT, White/Ginger, Shorthaired Male, Not Desexed, 1 year found Church St, Onerahi, phone SPCA 4389161 (A39795) (21/05)

FOUND CAT, Black/White, Female, Not desexed, Not microchipped, 5-6 months old, Shorthaired, Millington Road Maunu area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39854) (23/05)

LOST CAT, Tabby/Grey/Black, Male, Not desexed, Not microchipped, 2 years old, Medium haired, Last seen 15th May, Phone Mark 02102587820 (24/05)

FOUND CAT, Tabby, Female, 15 years old +, Not microchipped, Shorthaired, Glendale Road Woodhill area, phone SPCA 4389161 (A39859) (24/05)

FOUND KITTEN, Tortie/White, Female, Shorthaired, Polydactyl, 7-8 weeks old, Mount Pleasant Road Raumanga area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39860) (24/05)

FOUND KITTEN, Torty/White, Female, Shorthaired, 6 months, Not Chipped, Raumanga Area, Phone SPCA 438 9161 (A39862) (25/05)

LOST KITTEN, Black & White, Female, Short Haired, Named ‘Tui’, 12 weeks old, Desexed, Microchipped, One Tree Point Road. Phone Janine 021 208 3430 (25/05)

LOST CAT, Black & White, Female, Microchipped, 3 months old, Marsden Point Road Area. Phone 021 208 3430 (25/05)





LOST DOG, Jack Russell Terrier, Tri colour, Desexed, Microchipped, Female, 6 years old, “Rango”, Last seen 13 May, Morningside area, Phone 02102238782 / isabell.joy.brown@gmail.com

LOST DOG, Small White/Brown, Jack Russell Terrier, 7 years, Not Desexed, “Billy” missing Pahi, Paparoa, phone 021554937 or 09 4316953 (20/05)

FOUND PUPPY, Black/White, Female, Labrador, 6 weeks found at roundabout by Courthouse, Bank St, phone SPCA 4389161 (A39799) (21/05)

LOST DOGS, 1x 10 month old border collie cross lab, short haired, 1x 4 year old pitbull mastiff, brindle colour, Pataua South area, Phone Grace 021 141 4481 (22/05)

FOUND PUPPY, Black/Tan, Huntaway X, Female, 8 weeks old, Otaika Road Otaika, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39853) (23/05)

FOUND PUPPY, Tan, Staffy/Cattle, Female, 10 weeks old, Not microchipped, Fairburn Street Raumanga area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A39858) (24/05)

FOUND DOG, Tan, Cattle/Staffy, Female, Older Adult, Not chipped, Phone SPCA 438 9161 (A39863) (25/05)





 Whangarei SPCA is on Kioreroa Road, Whangarei, ph 438 9161. Lost and found hours are between 10am to 3pm, 7 days. Take the SPCA number from the title of the ad of the animal you feel may a match for your pet. For cats, take a cat carrier so you can transport your cat home if it is a match as we cannot allow a cat to travel in a car unrestrained for safety reasons.