Lost and Found Pets

Have you lost your Pet or found a Pet?

You can use the following steps to help find your Pet or report one you have found.

List your pet on Petsonthenet.com

Make up flyers with a picture of the pet and display at
- Vet Clinics
- Pet Shops - Put them in mailboxes in your street
- Put an advertisement in your local paper in the Lost & Found Column

Call the SPCA on 4389161 ext 3 and leave your details and the details of the animal who has been lost or found (we clear this multiple times each day so it will be seen and the details of you and the animal noted)





FOUND KITTEN, Ginger/White, Male, Shorthaired, Male, 14 weeks found Old Loop Rd, Ngararatunua, phone SPCA 4389161 (A37766) (19/06)

LOST CAT, Siamese, Seal Point, Male, Desexed, Microchipped, “Ali”, Wearing harness, Shy cat, Last seen 3 days ago, Jack Street Otangarei area, Phone Kenneth 0276865198 (20/06)

FOUND CAT, Ginger/White, Male, Desexed, Microchipped, Shorthaired, 5-6 years old, “Smudgie”, Dyer Street Raumanga area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37767)

LOST CAT, Ginger/White, Male, Desexed, Microchipped, 9 years old, “Tigger”, Wearing brown collar, Shorthaired, Last seen 7 days ago, Harambee Road Taiharuru area, Phone Ula 02102622177 (21/06)

FOUND CAT, Seal Point Birmin or Ragdoll, Adult, Massey Road Waipu area, Phone Valerie 4321872 (21/06)

LOST CAT, Grey Tabby, Female, Shorthaired, 6 years old, Last seen 5 days ago, “Smokey”, Not Microchipped, Fair Way Drive Whau Valley area, Phone Leonie 0212105731 (21/06)

LOST CAT, Black, Male, Desexed, Not Microchipped, 2-3 years old, Shorthaired, “Flash”, Not wearing a collar, Last seen 20th June, Oranga Road Kensington area, Phone Sarah 0276003988 (22/06)

FOUND CAT, Grey/Tortie, Medium to Long haired, Female, Possibly young, Small cat, Riverview Place Waipu area, Phone Elizabeth 4320507 (22/06)

FOUND CAT, Grey, Medium haired, Male, Desexed, 7 years old approx, Not Microchipped, Kaka Street Morningside area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37769) (22/06)

FOUND CAT, Black, Male, Not desexed, Not Microchipped, Shorthaired, 18 months old, Mathew Place / Kiripaka Road Tikipunga area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37772) (23/06)

FOUND KITTEN, Black, Female, Shorthaired, 5 months old, Not Microchipped, Murdoch Cres Raumanga area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37773) (23/06)

FOUND KITTEN, Dark Tortoiseshell, Female, Shorthaired, 9 weeks found Dargaville, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37774) (24/06)

FOUND CAT, Black, Shorthaired, Not Desexed Male, 9-12 months, found Dargaville phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37775) (24/06)

FOUND CAT, Tabby & White, Adult, Male, Shorthaired, found Warwick Pl, Raumanga, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37778) (24/06)

FOUND CAT, Ginger/White, Female, Medium Haired, Adult found Port Marsden Highway, Ruakaka, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37779) (24/06)

FOUND CAT, Ginger, Desexed Male, 6 years, Microchipped, found Bramton Way, Kauri, phone 438 9161 (A37780) (24/06)

LOST CAT, Dark Tortoiseshell, 18 months, Female, Not Desexed, “Motley” missing since 14th  Maunu Road, phone Len 438 7764 (24/06)

FOUND CAT, Tortoiseshell, Shorthaired, Female, 2-4 years, found Mt Tiger Road, phone Anita  021 031 0746 (24/06)

FOUND KITTEN, Black & White, Shorthaired, Female, 6-7 weeks found Drop In Box SPCA, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37802) (25/06)

LOST CAT, White, Medium Haired, Female, “Puss Puss” missing Harris Rd, Glenbervie, phone 09 438 2668 (25/06)

LOST CAT, Ginger, Female, Small to Medium sized, Kara/Kokopu/Wood Rd or Gumtown / Grey or Three Mile Bush Rd area, phone 021 111 8521 (25/06)

LOST CAT, Tabby Tortoiseshell, Shorthaired, Female, Desexed, 19 months old, Microchipped, “Tawny”, Fairway Drive Whau Valley area, Phone Emmanuel 094354274 (25/06)

FOUND CATS x 2, Both Female, 1x Black, 1x Dark Tortoiseshell, 5 months, found Omana Rd, Maungakaramea, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37785) (26/06)



LOST DOGS x2, 1x Black/Tan Chihuahua X, 1x Black/White Young Lab X, both Females, Last seen 21st June, Maungatapere / Poroti area, Phone Olivia 02102208562 / 4348049 (22/06)

LOST DOG, Eye cattle dog, Black/Blue/Grey ends, Male, Not desexed, Not Microchipped, 3 years old, “Blue Dog”, Wearing old collar, Valley View Road Otaika area, Phone Diane 0274958139 (22/06)

LOST DOG, American Bulldog X, White/Tan, Female, Not Microchipped, 8-9 months old, Pipiwai area, Phone Cynthia 0279608482 (23/06)

FOUND DOG & PUPPIES, Tri Colour Adult Female Cattle X with 3 black/brown puppies, found Twin Bridges, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37776/) (24/06)

FOUND PUPPIES x 2, Black/White, 1 Male, 1 Female, Cattle/Labrador,  6-8 weeks, found Ormandy Road, Mangapai, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37777) (24/06)

FOUND PUPPY, Brindle/White, Staffy X, Female, approx 10 weeks found Raurimu Ave School, Onerahi, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37782) (25/06)

FOUND DOG, Black/White, Huntaway X, Female, 4 months, found SH 1 between Hikurangi & Whangarei, wearing red leather collar, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37784) (26/06)

FOUND PUPPIES x 4, 3 x Tri Colour Female, 1 x Merle Male, Heeler/Huntaway X,  found on the road Mt Parahaki, phone SPCA 438 9161 (A37786) (26/06)

LOST DOG, Kelpie, Brown, 11 months, Desexed Male, Microchipped "Jeremy" missing Avenues, phone Aster 021 294 9649 (26/06)



FOUND RABBIT, White/Grey spots, Lop eared, Male, Wallace Street Regent area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A37771) (23/06)

LOST BIRD, Cockatiel, Yellow, Friendly from Rust Avenue, phone Nadine 027 436 2909 (25/06)



 Whangarei SPCA is on Kioreroa Road, Whangarei, ph 438 9161. Lost and found hours are between 10am to 3pm, 7 days. Take the SPCA number from the title of the ad of the animal you feel may a match for your pet. For cats, take a cat carrier so you can transport your cat home if it is a match as we cannot allow a cat to travel in a car unrestrained for safety reasons.