Lost and Found Pets

Have you lost your Pet or found a Pet?

You can use the following steps to help find your Pet or report one you have found.

List your pet on Petsonthenet.com

Make up flyers with a picture of the pet and display at
- Vet Clinics
- Pet Shops - Put them in mailboxes in your street
- Put an advertisement in your local paper in the Lost & Found Column

Call the SPCA on 4389161 ext 3 and leave your details and the details of the animal who has been lost or found (we clear this multiple times each day so it will be seen and the details of you and the animal noted) 







LOST CATS x2, Calico, Female, Desexed, Micorochipped, Shorthaired, “Savhanna Cat”, Tabby/White, Male, Not desexed, Not microchipped, Shorthiared, “Melody”, Cartwright Road Onerahi area, Phone Michael 0210425155 (11/12)


FOUND KITTENS X2, Tabby, Shorthaired, Males, 11 weeks old, Not Desexed, Not Microchipped, Montgomery Avenue Dargaville area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38972) (11/12)


LOST CAT, Black/ White tuff under chin, Longhaired, Male, Phone Tracey 021197110 (11/12)


FOUND CAT, White, Male, Shorthaired, Not Desexed, Erin St, Tikipunga, phone SPCA 4389161 (A38977) (12/12)


LOST CAT, Black/White, Female, Desexed, Not microchipped, Shorthaired, “Monty”, Last seen 4-5 days ago, Third Ave Dargaville area, Phone Janelle 0211144132 (12/12)


FOUND CAT, Tabby/White, Female, Not Desexed, Not microchipped, 3-4 years old, Shorthaired, Hilltop Ave Morningside area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38976) (12/12)


LOST CAT, Tabby, Shorthaired, 10 mths, Desexed Female, “Luka” missing Central Ave since 11th, phone Lee 0211630738 (12/12)


FOUND CAT, Black/White tuff, Shorthaired, Possibly Male, Mercer Street Kensington area, Phone Barbara 4371408 (12/12)


FOUND KITTEN, Tabby, Female, Raumanga area, Phone Becca 0211789675 (13/12)


LOST CAT, Maine Coon X, Tabby, Long haired, Male, Desexed, Microchipped,  2 years old, “Gizmo”, Last seen 9th Dec, Amber Drive Tikipunga area, Phone Caroline 0272586424 (13/12)


FOUND CAT, Black, Female, Not Desexed, Not microchipped, Shorthaired, 18 months old, One Tree Point Road One Tree Point area , Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38979) (13/12)


FOUND KITTENS x3, Ginger Medium haired, Ginger/White Shorthaired, Ginger/White Medium haired, 7 weeks old, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38982) (13/12)


FOUND KITTEN, Grey Tabby, Female, Shorthaired, 6 weeks old, Not microchipped, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38983) (14/12)


LOST CATS x2, Tabby/Tortie/White Female “Tibbles”, Tabby/White Male “Rabbit”,   Shorthaired, Adults, Microchipped, Last seen 30th Nov, Maungatapere/Poroti area, Email matfinegan@hotmail.com or 0277777395 (14/12)


LOST CAT, Ginger/White, Medium Haired, Male, Desexed, Microchipped, “Bean”, Last seen 25th November, Raumanga Valley Road Raumanga area, Phone Natasha 0223937350 / sexytashi@hotmail.com (14/12)


FOUND KITTEN, Grey, Female, Shorthaired, Not Desexed, Not microchipped, 7-8 weeks old, Whangarei Heads Road Whangarei Heads area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38984) (14/12)


LOST CAT, Grey Tabby, Male, 2 years old, “Cruize”, Rerewai Place Tikipunga area, Phone Sue 4595918 / 0272522942 (14/12)


FOUND CAT, Ginger/White, Male, Desexed, Microchipped, Shorthaired, 5 years old, Tarewa Road Morningside area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38987) (15/12)


LOST CAT, Tabby, Female, 2 ½ years old, Last seen 10th Dec, Whaka Street Raumanga area, Phone Debbie 9718082 / 0273419115 (15/12)


FOUND CAT, Tortie, Female, Not desexed, Shorthaired, Not microchipped, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38986) (15/12)


FOUND CAT, Black/White, Female, Not Desexed, Shorthaired, 9-12 months old, Punipuni Road Whangaruru area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38315) (15/12)




LOST DOG, Foxy/ Jack Russel X, Tri, Microchipped, Wearing a brown collar, Maunu area, Phone 0211030157 (11/12)


FOUND PUPPY, Tan/White, Female, 6 months approx., Horahora Primary possibly from Raumanga area, Phone Shannon 02108806648 (13/12)


LOST DOG, Sharpei, White, Male, Not Desexed, Microchipped, 2 years old, “Buddie”, Morningside Road Morningside, Phone Sianx 02108375724 (15/12)


LOST PUPPY, Rotti, Female, Red collar, Phone 096013369 (15/12)


LOST DOG, Mastiff x, Red, Male, Not Desexed, Microchipped, Wearing black collar, 18 months old, “Odin”, Mangakahia Road Mangakahia area, Phone 021338003 Georgia (15/12)


FOUND DOG, Shepherd x Working dog, Black/Tan, Male, Not Desexed, Not microchipped, Approx 9-12 months old, Not wearing collar, Ngunguru/Kiripaka area near Ngunguru Ford Road, Phone Vanessa 0226439886 (16/12)


FOUND PUPPY, Neo X, Brindle, Male, Not Desexed, 8 weeks old, Dargaville area, Phone SPCA 4389161 (A38317) (16/12)


FOUND DOGS, 2 x Yorkshire Terrier X, 1 Cream, 1 Tri coloured, Adult, Microchipped, approx 8 years, found SPCA Whangarei, phone 4389161 (A38316) (17/12)






LOST PIGS x4, porker pigs, Last seen 1st Dec, Blagrove Road Poroti area, Phone 4346783 / Pam 0212067426 (12/12)






 Whangarei SPCA is on Kioreroa Road, Whangarei, ph 438 9161. Lost and found hours are between 10am to 3pm, 7 days. Take the SPCA number from the title of the ad of the animal you feel may a match for your pet. For cats, take a cat carrier so you can transport your cat home if it is a match as we cannot allow a cat to travel in a car unrestrained for safety reasons.